Personal Cooling Pillow

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The Ultimate Cooling Gel Insert for All Pillows!

Experience a more restful night's sleep and say goodbye to uncomfortable, sticky nights with the Chillmax Pillow. Our innovative cooling gel technology is designed to react to your body temperature, effectively absorbing excess heat and providing a natural cooling effect that lasts for up to three hours. Transform any pillow into a cool oasis of comfort and relaxation!

Designed for Maximum Comfort:

The Chillmax Pillow's soft and comfortable gel absorbs excess body heat, drawing it away from your skin and leaving you with a soothing, cool sensation. Simply insert it into your favorite pillow case or place it on top, allowing direct contact with your skin for the ultimate cooling experience. For those sweltering nights, chill it in the fridge beforehand to achieve the pinnacle of coolness.

Portable and Hassle-Free:

Say goodbye to bulky cooling devices and water-filled contraptions. The Chillmax Pillow is lightweight, foldable, and slim, making it perfect for travel. Toss it in your luggage for trips to warm destinations, or take it on a plane or in a hot car to keep you cool and comfortable throughout your journey. Best of all, there's no need for water or refills - it's always ready to use whenever and wherever you need it!

Versatile and Multi-Purpose:

The cooling power of the Chillmax Gel goes beyond just providing a cool sleep. It's a versatile companion for all your overheating woes. Use it as a laptop cooling mat to keep your lap and your device from getting too hot. Wrap it around sore or aching joints, such as ankles or wrists, after an intense workout session to experience the soothing relief it offers.

Experience the Chillmax Difference:

With the Chillmax Pillow, you'll enjoy the ultimate in cooling comfort without the need for messy water or constant refills. Its portable design and easy-to-clean surface ensure you can take it with you wherever hot, sticky nights or prolonged sitting may cause discomfort. Get ready for a more refreshing and revitalizing sleep, a cooler and more comfortable seat, and relief from overheating wherever you go.

Don't settle for restless nights or uncomfortable seating - make the Chillmax Pillow your go-to solution for a refreshing and cool experience. Order yours now and experience the difference it can make in your life!

With Chillmax pillow you never need to worry about being hot, bothered and uncomfortable again.

  • Naturally cooling gel pillow
  • Chillmax Gel transfers heat away from your body
  • Use as a pillow, mat or cushion
  • Use to cool laps and laptops when working
  • For extra cooling refrigerate before use
  • No need for water or refilling
  • Portable and travel size

Size: 51cm x 33.5cm
Color: Blue
Materials: Wipe clean outer casing with Chillmax Gel filling